All of our products are available for Wholesale purchase. Our standard discount is 50% on majority of our products. You do not need an account to shop Wholesale, you simply need to meet the 20 each minimum per product to qualify. Let us know if you are purchasing products to sell in your store, and we'll be happy to promote you.

In-Home Spa Parties

We have many DIY home spa products like our Detox Clay Mask and Chocolate Lavender Body Scrub. Let us share these products with you in the comfort of your home with your friends. Discounts are available on products purchased at parties.

E-mail us to book your party date.

Private Label Branding

We love small business! We can help you design and launch a bath & body line that is unique to your store brand. We'll research your business and work with you to create products that fit your brand identity and are completely one-of-a-kind. E-mail us to set up an appointment to talk about your business and your options.